CN8 Sets Convention Teams


CN8, The Comcast Network will go to Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul to provide nightly on-site coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

The regional news service, which counts some 9 million subs from Maine to Virginia, will air live from 8-11 p.m. on Aug. 25-28 at the DNC in Denver and from Sept. 1-4 at the RNC in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

CN8 political director Lynn Doyle will host the coverage in-studio with guest political experts. The network’s Washington, D.C. bureau chief Robert Traynham and special contributor Larry Kane, covering his 21st and 22nd conventions, will provide live reports from the conventions. Reporter Kevin Walsh will be in the field to capture voter reaction.

The coverage will also be available online at and through Comcast’s cable’s on-demand service.

“CN8’s convention coverage furthers our ‘America’s Next President’ Campaign ‘08 programming that has made the network a news leader throughout the year,” said Jon Gorchow, vice president and general manager of CN8, in a statement. “With 2008 likely to go down in the history books as a watershed year in politics, we pledge to offer bipartisan coverage in a variety of formats so that everyone stays informed, on their terms.”