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CNN Bulks Up in Russia

Grabs Hodge from 'Wall Street Journal'
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Nathan Hodge, Moscow bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, is joining CNN as Moscow bureau chief as part of an expansion of the network's presence in the country to cover the "increasingly pivotal stories emerging from Russia."

Those would include the stories about possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia, stories that have drawn the ire of the President, who singled out the network for special attention in his just-released "Fake News" awards.

Fred Pleitgen, who has been in London for the cable news network, will move to Moscow as a correspondent.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of Russia internationally, whether that pertains to its own upcoming elections, its alleged role in the recent U.S. elections, or issues relating to Ukraine, Europe, China, Iran and Syria," said Deborah Rayner, SVP of international newsgathering, TV & digital for CNN, in announcing the moves.