CNN Cuts Zahn to One Hour


Cable News Network backed off its risky plan to give Paula Zahn two hours of
primetime, as general manager Teya Ryan called on up-and-comer Anderson Cooper
to anchor the 7 p.m. hour, with Zahn grabbing the baton for one hour at 8

Before joining CNN last year, Cooper was host of ABC's cheesy reality show,
The Mole, and worked earlier at ABC News.

CNN had planned to call Zahn's primetime show American Evening with Paula
, but the network isn't committing to that name for the slot, which is
currently labeled Live from the Headlines.

Ryan went out of her way not to slight Zahn, telling staffers in a memo
Monday that Zahn and executive producer Jim Miller "agreed that a one-hour
program would be the best vehicle to achieve our goals."

Zahn told viewers at the beginning of Monday night's show, "It's a show in