CNN Defiant Despite Fox News Ratings


Hollywood, Calif. -- Despite taking a ratings pounding from Fox News Channel,
Turner Broadcasting System Inc. executives said the programmer will stay the
course with Cable News Network's news-heavy format.

Television critics here peppered CNN executives during TBS Inc.'s
presentation Thursday about its fall from the top of the cable news ratings
wars, which are now dominated by Fox News.

Yet chairman and CEO Phil Kent said the network has no plans to add more
talk-news elements in an effort to better compete with Fox News. He also said
CNN continues to attract viewers, adding that the network had the best second
quarter in terms of viewership ever.

"[Fox News'] growth has not come at our expense," Kent said. "We've continued
to grow year after year. We feel we will get our best efforts by focusing on our
own broadcast and our own presentation."

Nevertheless, he added, CNN will look to improve its on-air look with the
hopes of increasing the amount of time viewers spend with the network, although
he did not provide specific details.

"Every move that we'll make is aimed at either increasing time spent per
viewer or improving the quality and presentation," Kent said. "We're a news
network -- more news and less talk. We'll continue to build our strength of