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CNN Fires Trump Defender Lord

On-air personality dismissed after evoking Nazis on Twitter
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PresidentDonald Trumpadvocate Jeffrey Lord was fired byCNNAug. 10 after he put a Nazi salute on Twitter. Lord feuded with Angelo Caruso, president of the liberal watchdog outfit Media Matters, over Caruso pushing for sponsors to boycott Sean Hannity’s primetime show on Fox News Channel. When Caruso fought back on Twitter, Lord responded on the platform with “Sieg Heil!”

Lord told theNew York Timeshis response was meant to mock Caruso’s behavior.  

Based in Harrisburg, Penn., Lord became CNN’s first paid pro-Trump contributor in July of 2015. TheNY Timessays Trump recommended Lord to the network after complaining thatnone of CNN's panelistsliked him.

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