CNN Lays Out Ad Plans for Iraq


If a war in Iraq breaks out, viewers won't find any travel or tourism ads on
Cable News Network any time soon.

Greg D'Alba, the network's executive vice president of sales and marketing,
speaking at an upfront advertising presentation in New York for the press, said
those clients would be "off for a few weeks."

CNN would run ad-free for the first few days, then return to a
"modified-break structure," D'Alba said. Very few clients, if any, had asked to
pull their ads at this juncture, he added.

D'Alba noted, "If we err, it will be on the side of conservatism."

CNN also doesn't plan to go from live war coverage to commercial breaks.
Instead, the network would go to "the studio or something static" before running
ads, D'Alba said.

CNN's presentation emphasized its quality rating points and its upscale
viewership compared with rival Fox News Channel's gross rating