CNN’s ‘Black in America’ Focuses on Silicon Valley


CNN will debut its fourth special in the Black in America series this November with a look at the plight of African-Americans in Silicon Valley.

The one-hour special will look at the dearth of African- American participation in the new digital evolution, one of the few segments of the economy currently on an upswing. CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien hosts the special, which follows eight African- Americans participating in a nine-week summer digital business mentorship program in California, designed by African-American Web entrepreneur Angela Benton, to accelerate their technical ingenuity and innovation, the network said.

At the end of the program, the participants will have an opportunity to present their business plans and demonstrate their startup ideas before several venture capitalists and investors, according to the network.

“The topic matters because that [industry] is a growth area, but where are the African-Americans?” O’Brien told Multichannel News. “Less than 1% of companies funded are owned and operated by African Americans, so we delve into whether race matters when it comes to success in Silicon Valley.”

The new Black in America installment comes on the heels of CNN’s Sept. 25 Latino in America special that examined the lives of female Latino boxers.