CNN: AG Sessions Did Not Reveal Russian Contacts During Security Clearance Vetting

DOJ says FBI instructed him not to

When applying for his security clearance, Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not disclose meetings he had last year with Russian officials, the Justice Department told CNN Wednesday, because the FBI told him not to.

Sessions, who met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at least two times last year, didn't note those interactions on the form, which requires him to list "any contact" he or his family had with a "foreign government" or its "representatives" over the past seven years, officials said, the cable news net reported.

It was just the latest in a string of stories about the Trump Administration and Russian contacts.

CNN called it the latest example of Sessions not disclosing contacts.

The Justice Department suggested it was a nonstory. In a statement simply headlined "Statement on CNN Story," Deputy Director of Public Affairs Ian Prior said: “As a United States Senator, the Attorney General met hundreds—if not thousands—of foreign dignitaries and their staff," he said. "In filling out the SF-86 form, the Attorney General’s staff consulted with those familiar with the process, as well as the FBI investigator handling the background check, and was instructed not to list meetings with foreign dignitaries and their staff connected with his Senate activities.”

CNN pointed out that Sessions was criticized for not revealing similar meetings related to his Senate service at his confirmation hearing, which was conducted by his former fellow senators on the Judiciary Committee.