CNN Sets Subscription Broadband Service


Beverly Hills, Calif. -- In an effort to provide audiences with greater access to news-video resources, Cable News Network will launch a subscription broadband-video service that will offer multiple live news streams and archived video programming.

In addition, the network will launch in August a weekday show that will provide viewers with a unique view of the day's news and events.

CNN's new “Pipeline” broadband product will offer a fully operational interactive page that will feature four continuously live CNN video feeds, each of which will showcase content from current news the network is following, according to CNN News Group president Jim Walton, who spoke at Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Television Critics Association Tour presentation here Sunday.

"The Atlanta editors will determine what we feel are the four most significant streams at any given time," Walton said. "The viewer can cut between them to go searching for whichever live one you want."

CNN has yet to price the monthly subscription service, which will also offer access to hundreds of archived stories and video. The service will compliment the network's free-video-on-demand service launched last month.

In a television variation of Pipeline, CNN Aug. 8 will bow The Situation Room, a weekday show that will present the news through various reporting techniques.

Modeled after the White House situation room, the Wolf Blitzer-led show -- which will air from 3 p.m.-6 p.m. -- will combine traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources such as blogs, Web sites and podcasts, network executives said.

The Situation Room is an expression of CNN's massive newsgathering capabilities put over the television platform," CNN/US president Jon Klein said. "Pipeline is an expression of what CNN does in the form of newsgathering and an expression that's placed on a different platform."

In other Turner news, Turner Network Television announced that it has renewed its hit original scripted series, The Closer, for a second season. The June 13 premiere of the series, starring Kyra Sedgwick, garnered a 5.9 rating, the highest series-premiere rating in cable history.

The network also announced that it will bow in 2006 Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King, a limited series based on the fright master's book of short stories.