CNN Sues Fla. for Access to Voter Rolls


Cable News Network filed suit against Florida’s elections office in an attempt to access the state’s voter rolls, AP reported.

The state uses the list to provide names of possible felons to county elections officials, who must review them to determine if individuals should be removed from the rolls.

Following the controversial 2000 presidential election, there were widespread claims around the state by people who said they were prevented from voting even though they weren't felons, AP reported.

“There is enormous public interest in scrutinizing the potential disenfranchisement of such a large pool of citizens in what portends to be a closely contested presidential race,” CNN told AP.

The suit was filed May 28 after the network was told May 24 that a representative would have to travel to Tallahassee, Fla., to view the list in person, and that copies could not be made, according to AP.