Gets Free-Video Sponsors


JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Chase division and General Motors Corp. will be presenting sponsors for the launch of’s ( free video.

Cable News Network said the agreement include category exclusivity for Chase and GM’s Cadillac division; tagged promotional spots on all CNN networks; tagged promotional banners throughout; the opportunity to run 30-second on-air creative prior to content; the opportunity to air long-form lead-out creative; and a 728x90 web banner.

CNN made the free video available Monday, and it will unveil its complete premium product this fall.

“Advertisers continue to show a considerable interest in broadband video and new technology opportunities,” CNN Ad Sales and Marketing chief operating officer Greg D’Alba said in a prepared statement.

“Advertisers recognize that individuals consume the CNN brand through a vast array of media platforms throughout the day, and that helps to bring more potential customers into the buying equation,” he added. “That’s the real power of the CNN brand.”