CNN's Moneyline , Economist Team Up


Lou Dobbs Moneyline
and The Economist are teaming up on a
three-part series that will air exclusively on the Cable News Network

A Survey on American Leadership, Post 9/11, comprising three five-minute
segments, will air the week of June 24 on Moneyline.

The segments -- titled 'The New Russia,' 'The Iraq Question' and 'American
Leadership' -- correspond to The Economist magazine's 20-page report,
'Survey on American Leadership, Post 9/11,' which will hit newsstands June

The New Russia examines the nation's embrace of the West and what many
experts believe to be surprising recent geopolitical developments

The Iraq Question focuses on the war against terrorism, asking how the United
States would handle this foe and what a war in the Middle East would mean for
the United States' relationship with other Arab states.

The American Leadership looks at the United States' strong new posture and
whether the country will have both the political and economic wherewithal to
sustain this stance.