Cohen: Comcast's Plant Tru2way-Capable By Year-End


Comcast executive vice president David Cohen says the company's plant should be tru2way-capable by the end of the year.
It had been shooting for a July 1 deadline, along with other top operators, but like them missed that deadline,
though he told reporters at a press briefing in Washington Monday that
Comcast came "awfully close," with an "enormous percentage"
tru2way-capable by that date.

tru2way allows cable operators to
deliver interactive TV content and applications to compatible devices
including TVs and set-tops.

But Cohen also said the ardor for
the technology on the Consumer Electronics side appears to have cooled
and that there may be the beginnings of rethinking the tru2way model of
embedding them in DVR's or $5,000 TV sets when technology is changing
so rapidly that they could become outmoded.

He suggested some solutions might be a replaceable chip or downloadable updates.