Com21 to Spin Off Wireless Unit


Com21 Inc. is apparently serious about getting a new business, quite
literally, off the ground.

The vendor, known for its line of cable-modem and headend equipment, said
Monday that it will spin off its wireless-products division unit sometime in the
first half of the year.

The company said the wireless unit will market a recently developed wireless
version of its 'ComUNITY Access System' products, using the MMDS (multichannel
multipoint distribution service) platform. Com21's wireless ComUNITY VoX (Voice
over eXchange) product is currently in U.S. trials, the vendor added.

Com21's wireless division, which currently employs 20 people, will have
beachheads in Milpitas, Calif., and Long Island, N.Y.

As a separate entity, Com21's wireless division will be better suited to
'realize its full potential,' Com21 president and CEO Craig Soderquist said in a
press release.

In a separate announcement, Comcast Online Communications Inc., a division of
Comcast Corp., has agreed to purchase an undisclosed number of Com21 'DOXport
1110' cable modems.

Comcast also ordered a number of Com21 modems late last year, but both the
vendor and MSO declined to divulge how many were involved in that particular

Com21's DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) 1.0 DOXport
1110 features the Broadcom Corp. '3350' chip set, plus 4 megabytes of flash
memory for future upgrades.