Comcast Adds 4-Mbps Tier


One day after Time Warner Cable launched a 6-megabit-per-second service, Comcast Corp. announced that it was offering a new 4-mbps downstream service for $52.95 per month, $10 more than its 3-mbps service.

Comcast said the new service was ideal for streaming audio, multiplayer and online gaming, large file downloads and home networking.

The MSO offers a home-networking package at both its traditional 3-mbps and the new 4-mbps service levels.

The operator said the new service has been available to subscribers in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. It will be launched in the rest of Comcast's high-speed markets by September.

Comcast also said it was increasing the storage capacity for each electronic-mail account from 10 MB to 250 MB. Each Comcast high-speed account can have up to seven e-mail addresses.