Comcast Announces FOD Lineup


Comcast Corp. used its third-quarter earnings day to announce the beginning
of its free video-on-demand lineup for its impending Philadelphia launch.

A&E Network will supply Biography episodes, as well as content
from The History Channel.

Comedy Central will supply episodes of Beat the Geeks, Turn Ben
Stein On
, Strip Mall, Let's Bowl and Strangers with

C-SPAN will supply 20 hours of programming, including Booknotes and
In Depth.

The Golf Channel is offering 10 hours of content.

And Outdoor Life Network will supply 30 programs.

Other programmers include Atom Television, Comcast SportsNet, Courtroom
Television Network, Wisdom Television and NBC. The latter will supply NBC
Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
, Meet the Press, Dateline and
local news from NBC affiliate WCAU-TV.