Comcast Balks at MASN Carriage


Comcast Corp. still won’t take the field with Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

The MSO said in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission Thursday that it wants to air Washington Nationals Major League Baseball games, but MASN is the product of a breach of contract, and it won’t agree to carry the regional sports network, AP reported.

Comcast’s filing was a response to a complaint filed with the agency last month by MASN asking the commission to force Comcast SportsNet to carry Nationals games immediately, according to AP.

Comcast has the TV rights to MLB’s Baltimore Orioles games through 2006, and the company claimed that the Orioles didn't give it a chance to match other offers for those rights, according to AP.

“Comcast continues to be interested in carrying Nationals games,” the filing said. “Comcast, however, will not be coerced into signing an agreement that is bad for its customers and its business and tramples on CSN's contractual rights with respect to Orioles games.”

“Comcast supported the return of Major League Baseball to Washington, D.C., and offered to broadcast the Nationals games on more favorable terms than is the case with MASN," Comcast spokeswoman D'Arcy Rudnay said in a prepared statement.