Comcast Boosts Bandwidth


Hoping to hit the telecommuting and small-business markets more squarely,
Comcast Corp. has unveiled a new 'Internet Pro' data service that significantly
soups up throughput.

Comcast has been marketing the Internet Pro cable-modem service since it took
over data operations from failed Internet-service provider Excite@Home Corp. and
its Excite@Work unit earlier this year, offering small-office/home-office users
a 1.5-megabit-per-second downstream, 256-kilobit-per-second upstream connection
for $95 per month.

The new Internet Pro, which has been available in all of Comcast's
high-speed-data markets for about one month now, keeps the same pricing but
offers up to 3.5 mbps downstream, 384 kbps upstream, with the modem

It also offers a persistent Internet-protocol address often needed for business
Web applications and up to five IP addresses.

Comcast's standard residential hookup, meanwhile, offers a maximum 1.5 mbps
downstream/256 kbps upstream for $39.95 monthly with a $5 fee for the modem.

While the Internet Pro service is aimed at telecommuters
and SOHO customers that need to send and receive larger data files, it may also
take hold with users who are fond of large file downloads and gaming