Comcast, Bridges TV: Digital Launch, Two Shows


Comcast will launch American Muslim network Bridges TV on its Comcast Digital Cable tier in southeast Michigan.

Bridges TV launched in December 2004 as a subscription based pay service.

The network and the MSO will also unveil what they described as two new “groundbreaking shows” in Detroit Tuesday.

Building Bridges is an interfaith dialog between Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, president of the Jewish Center for Leadership and Learning; Father Mazur of the Catholic Diocese; and Imam Adbullah El-Amin, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations.

Crescent Walk is a newsmagazine program that covers both Sunni and Shia Muslim issues in the United States.

The event, at the Muslim Center, will take the wraps off programs “that developed following the recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon and the ongoing sectarian struggle in Iraq,” according to a media alert issued Monday.

The participants in the announcement are set to include El-Amin; Nasser Beydoun, chairman of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce; Hirschfield; Jerome Espy and Gerald Smith of Comcast; and Bridges TV CEO Mo Hassan and news anchor Ahmed Soliman.