Comcast Brings Colo. Race to ‘On Demand’


Comcast Corp.’s “Comcast On Demand” video-on-demand service will bring its Colorado subscribers extensive content on the race for one of that state’s Senate seats, the MSO said Monday.

“Candidates on Demand” will use new technology to enable Colorado voters to learn more about issues of importance in the election pitting Republican Pete Coors against Democrat Ken Salazar, Comcast said.

From Tuesday-Nov. 1, the MSO’s VOD subscribers in Colorado will be able to watch each candidate’s response to seven major policy questions any time they want, as well as having the ability to pause, stop, rewind and fast-forward the candidates’ responses.

Comcast currently provides VOD service to approximately 215,000 customers in Colorado.

“At a time when candidates increasingly have to communicate with viewers through sound bites, Candidates on Demand enables voters to get in-depth information about the candidates' position on important issues,” Comcast executive vice president David L. Cohen said in a prepared statement.

“This project in Colorado serves as a trial for an innovation that has the potential to revolutionize the way voters can learn where their candidates stand,” he added.