Comcast Broadens International Calling Plan


Comcast launched an international calling plan that lets customers call 100 countries -- 66 more than under its previous plan -- for 5 cents per minute.
The "Carefree Minutes Worldwide 300" plan provides 300 anytime minutes for $14.95 per month. Whereas Comcast's previous plans were specific to regions, such as Mexico and Latin America, the new package allows calling to any of the 100 countries in the plan.
 "Our goal is to provide customers with plans that allow them to easily connect with family and friends, no matter where they live, at a low cost with premium call quality," said Cathy Avgiris, Comcast's senior vice president and general manager of voice services.
The Worldwide calling plan covers 41 European countries; 26 countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America; 20 countries in Asia and the Pacific region; eight in the Middle East and five in Africa.
More information on the plan is available at:
Comcast has more than 6.8 million Digital Voice customers, and recently claimed to be the third-largest provider of primary phone lines in the United States.