Comcast Business Unit's Database Exposed


Comcast Business Communications shut down its database system after a
computer-security researcher found prospective customer information on a test
Web site and posted it to an Internet mailing list.

The man -- who apparently does random checks on company sites to see what
kind of access is available -- apparently found the test site Wednesday.

He posted the information on leads -- including names and contact numbers --
and contacted Comcast late that day, according to Sherrie Walters, senior
manager of corporate communications for CBC.

The unit shut down the test site that evening, and Thursday it shut down the
database system, as well.

'We actually talked to the individual who did this, and we have shut down the
site so we could do further investigation,' Walters said.

Part of that investigation will determine what damage was done from the
breech. Walters said none of the potential customers whose data were exposed has
contacted CBC. The unit also has not determined what communications it will make
to the potential customers.

A subsidiary of Comcast Corp., CBC provides broadband services to business

No information on existing customers or customers in Comcast's other
divisions -- including cable operations -- was exposed, Walters