Comcast Called on ‘Do Not Call’


Comcast Corp. got called on the carpet for violating the state of Pennsylvania’s “do not call” law.

The MSO, which admitted no wrongdoing, will pay more than $7,500 in fines and costs to resolve claims that it failed to purchase the state’s "no-call" list prior to a statewide telemarketing campaign.

According to investigators, from November 2002-May 2003, Comcast began soliciting consumers on its own or through a telemarketer to promote and sell cable subscriptions and other services.

The MSO was accused of conducting the campaign without purchasing Pennsylvania's do-not-call list. During the time of the campaign, some 2.9 million consumers placed their names, telephone numbers and addresses on the no-call registry.

"Any business, large or small, that engages in telemarketing activities without purchasing the no-call list or honoring consumers' requests not to be contacted is violating Pennsylvania law," Attorney General Jerry Pappert said in a prepared statement.

“Our residents won the right to stop unwanted telephone solicitations at their homes, and my office will ensure the protection of that right,” he added. “This legal action with Comcast bars the company from conducting future telemarketing campaigns in Pennsylvania in violation of the no-call law.”

"We take this extremely seriously," a Comcast spokesman said. "Comcast records do-not-call requests from customers and takes extensive steps to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements."