Comcast E-Mail Running at Snail's Pace

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There were still more problems for Comcast Corp. cable-modem customers this
week -- slow electronic-mail delivery and no remote access.

The MSO confirmed this week that customers have been experiencing delayed
e-mail delivery on their new service. Customers have not had access
to their old e-mails since March 1, when that network shut down for

The MSO has also temporarily removed the remote-access feature -- which
allows customers to use their e-mail from any computer tied to the Internet --
for modifications.

A Comcast spokeswoman said engineers are working around the clock to solve
the delay problems and restore remote access 'as quickly as possible.'

'There have been some intermittent slowdowns with the e-mail, but we are
working to resolve those issues as quickly as possible,' she said. 'No inbound
or outbound mail is being lost.'

Comcast has invested in a state-of-the art e-mail system from Sun
Microsystems Inc., and it is now a matter of balancing the system to fit the
traffic load, the spokeswoman added.