Comcast Extends Best Buy HDTV Pact


Boosted by strong sales in Philadelphia, Comcast Corp. announced that it is
expanding its deal with Best Buy Co. Inc. to hawk high-definition-TV service in
four new cities.

The MSO will expand the program to Baltimore; Knoxville and Nashville, Tenn.;
and Washington, D.C.

In all, 31 stores will sell digital-ready HDTV sets packaged with Comcast
Digital Cable. Customers who buy into that deal will get a rebate on the $79.99
service-activation kit, which includes free service installation, two months of
free Home Box Office and Showtime and a book of pay-per-view coupons.

The promotional offer is open to all new customers and those upgrading from
Comcast analog cable.

"We're pleased to expand this retail relationship with Best Buy. A retail
environment enables interactive demonstration of the combined power of HDTV and
Digital Cable," Comcast vice president of retail sales Chris Caffrey said in a

"Customers are more likely to purchase advanced equipment and service if they
can see how the service can enrich their home-entertainment experience," Caffrey

Best Buy shoppers in Philadelphia can also sign up for Comcast Digital Cable
service for $29.99, which buys them free service installation, one month of free
HBO and Showtime and PPV coupons.