Comcast Extends 'Internet Essentials' Promotion

Offering Six Months Free Internet Service To New Customers
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Comcast's David Cohen said Thursday that the company will be extending its Internet Essentials promotion through Sept. 30.

The Internet Essentials program provides low-cost broadband ($9.95 per month) and computer equipment (less than $150) to low-income homes with school-aged kids.

Comcast had been looking to recruit more homes with a six-months-free promotion for new sign-ups that was to have ended this weekend.

"We’ve seen a strong response to this special six month promotion," said Comcast EVP David Cohen. "We’re extending it so even more families can take advantage of it."

Comcast announced the promotion August 4, in addition to an "amnesty" installment payment plan for overdue payments from Comcast customers who could otherwise qualify for the subsidy program.

Comcast has been promoting its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable by pointing out--including in TV spots airing in the D.C. market--that the deal would extend Internet Essentials to TWC systems.