Comcast Folds Customer Experience, Service Teams into Technology and Products Division

Following a reorg, those teams join group led by Comcast’s Tony Werner
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As part of a reorg, the Customer Experience and Customer Service teams of Comcast have recently been combined with the company’s Technology and Products division.

The organizational shift, which also results in several personnel moves, aim to help the company “deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience,” Tony Werner, president of Comcast’s Technology and Products Group, noted in an internal communication last month that was obtained by Multichannel News. “We are making these changes consistent with the guiding principles that have served us well – to move faster, minimize hand offs, reduce overlap and provide clear authority and accountability.”

The restructuring, which comes about a year after Werner was promoted to his current post, also comes soon after Comcast Cable chief technology officer Sree Kotay left the company. Comcast has not announced a replacement for Kotay. 

As the memo spells out, the changes center on areas such as Information and Product Security; Comcast Innovation Labs;  Customer Experience and Customer Service; Product; Network and Operations; Infrastructure; and Access Networks.

As customer experience and customer service joins T&P, Charlie Herrin will continue as Comcast’s chief customer experience officer. Tom Karinshak, the company’s chief customer service officer, and Ed Marchetti, SVP of technical operations, and their teams now report to Herrin.

The Comcast Systems Engineering team also reports to Herrin, and is now led by Rick Rioboli, who was promoted to chief information officer.  Scott Alcott, Comcast’s previous CIO, is leaving the company.

In T&P’s product  division, Chris Satchell, the former Nike and Microsoft exec who joined Comcast in 2015, continues as chief product officer. Matt Zelesko, late of Time Warner Cable, will add software and development to his responsibilities as SVP, video products and chief of software. Fraser Stirling, meanwhile, will add artificial intelligence to his plate as SVP, devices and advanced A.I. systems. Joining Satchell’s team is Anthony Troy, VP, program delivery, while Cherie Cremer has been named VP, product fluency, communications and analytics.

Jan Hofmeyr will continue to head the division’s Network and Operations group, and will add to his team Noam Raffaelli, SVP, network and IP services. Kevin McElearney, a 13-year Comcast vet who has played a big role in network infrastructure, CDN, cloud and core infrastructure services there, will be pursuing other opportunities outside the company.

Ken Klaer has taken on the role of SVP, strategic infrastructure. Klaer, a former Cisco Systems exec, joined Comcast in 2014 as SVP, premises technology.

Among those reporting to Klaer are Allen Broome, VP, cloud technologies, and Jason Press, SVP, video engineering and operations, who will continue to help lead Comcast’s IP video service deployment strategy. Comcast announced in March that its VIPER (Video IP Engineering & Research) team is now led by former Amazon exec Euan McLeod.

John Heslip, SVP, access networks, will remain in charge of Comcast’s Next Generation Access Networks (NGAN) group. Joined to the unit’s architecture team is Tom Bach, VP of engineering (formerly with Comcast’s West Division). As SVP of NGAN, Elad Nafshi will focus on Comcast’s DOCSIS 3.1 and “core virtualization” initiatives. Sherita Ceasar, SVP of engineering, will continue to head up strategy, design, build and support of Comcast’s engineering laboratory operations and the strategic planning of its technical facilities.

Matt McConnell, SVP and GM of Comcast Technology Solutions; Wayne Davis, SVP of human resources; and Sharon Desmond, SVP of finance, continue to report to Werner. Liesl Henderson, VP of communications, will continue to work with Werner and Davis and continue to provide communications support for the group, according to the internal announcement. 

Also reporting to Werner is Ruth Dawson, SVP, Comcast Innovation Labs and GM, Silicon Valley; and Noopur Davis, who has been promoted to chief product and security officer.