Comcast Gets Down to Business With WiFi

MSO Launches ‘WiFi Pro’
Comcast wifi pro.jpg

Carving out another revenue stream for its commercial service arm, Comcast Business has formally introduced WiFi Pro, a cloud-controlled WiFi platform for small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch locations.

Comcast noted that WiFi Pro, a managed solution provided by the MSO,  uses two commercial  WiFi networks – a private network for employees and a guest network for visitors and patrons. The new offering can be managed on mobile devices  using a mobile app or an online portal, allowing partners to check network activity, configure controls and allocate bandwidth.  The platform also features a customizable splash-page designer

“WiFi Pro offers simple management and features to SMBs and distributed enterprises that were previously only available to headquarters and other large office locations, enabling a better employee experience and customer engagement,” said John Guillaume, vice president of Product Management at Comcast Business, in a statement. “he additional marketing features allow SMBs and enterprise branches to create a more personalized experience through Wi-Fi to help drive customer retention and revenue growth.”

This video below offers more detail on Comcast's new business offering.

WiFi Pro  is expected to drive more revenue for a growth-focused area of the MSO. Comcast pulled in business services revenues of $1.2 billion in the category in Q3 2015, up 19.5% year-over-year, putting it on an annual run rate approaching $5 billion.