Comcast Gets Elemental on ‘TV Everywhere’


Comcast is now using transcoding servers
from Elemental Technologies to process upward of 10,000
hours of TV shows and movies each month for its website and Xfi nity TV mobile apps.

Comcast’s thePlatform subsidiary, which powers the
TV Everywhere services, has integrated the Elemental filebased
video transcoding solution with thePlatform’s mpx
video management system for multiscreen video delivery.

Elemental’s transcoders use off-theshelf,
programmable graphics processing
units for compute-intensive video
processing and conversion tasks. Comcast
is using Elemental servers to create
up to 18 individual MPEG-4 outputs of
each video title for adaptive bit-rate delivery,
or more than 200,000 cumulative
hours of content per month.

Comcast was able to reduce the physical
footprint for transcoding and videoprocessing
equipment by more than 50% compared with its
previous CPU-based solution, Elemental CEO Sam Blackman
said. He declined to say how many Elemental servers
Comcast is using, or which transcoding vendor it was previously

Comcast spokesman Peter Dobrow said the MSO uses
several technologies for encoding and transcoding video
assets, “and Elemental is a new addition to that portfolio.”
Harmonic lists Comcast as a customer for its Rhozet
transcoding system, and thePlatform offers Rhozet
among its transcoding options. In addition,
thePlatform’s transcoding partners include
Digital Rapids, Google’s On2, RadiantGrid
Technologies and Telestream.

The authenticated portion of
provides access to current TV shows and
movies from almost 40 cable and premium
networks. On the mobile front, Comcast offers
some 6,000 hours of content via its Xfinity
TV app for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch
and iPad.