Comcast Goes to Court Over Tennis Ruling


Comcast wasted no time challenging the FCC’s decision
to uphold the Tennis Channel carriage complaint.

Comcast last Monday (July 30) asked the commission
to stay enforcement of its July 24 vote pending
the outcome of its court appeal, which it officially filed
two days later

Without that FCC stay, which the commission is
unlikely to grant if past is prologue, Comcast will
have to take steps to true up tier placement of Tennis
Channel, Golf Channel and NBC Sports Network by
early September (the FCC gave it 45 days).

Comcast asked the FCC to rule on its petition by
Aug. 7 so that, if the FCC says no — which it had not
at press time — the operator can seek a judicial stay
from the D.C. Circuit. “We have to wait for the FCC
not to act before filing a stay with the court,” a Comcast
spokesperson said.

Broadcasters took the same “stay” route
in trying to prevent the FCC from enforcing
its Aug. 2 date for posting political and other
public files online, but the FCC and the
court both denied those appeals for emergency