Comcast, Insight Commit to G4


Anaheim, Calif. -- Insight Communications Co. Inc. and Comcast Corp. have
committed 7 million subscribers to G4, a video-gaming-centric network that will
launch in April, executives said Wednesday.

Amy Banse, vice president of programming investments for Comcast, said her
company is the 100 percent owner of the new channel. But she added that equity
deals, launch support and low rate cards are among the strategies the network
could use to draw other affiliates to the channel.

Operators can deploy the channel as either an analog or digital selection.
'Whatever works for the operator,' Banse said.

Debra Green, the start-up's chief operating officer, said executives have
been selling the channel, targeted toward 'young men and teens with money,' for
two weeks.

The venture expects to add another 2.5 million to 5 million households by the
end of 2002.

The venture will produce 13 weekly series for the channel, but the overnight
hours may be programmed with infomercials produced by game