Comcast: Keep Peering Out of Net Neutrality Debate

Pledges For New Rules, But Opposition To Title II and Application To Peering

In its comments on the FCC's proposed network neutrality rules, Comcast said Monday that it supported new rules, but they should not apply to exchanges of Internet traffic (like paid peering deals with Netflix).

Comcast said it supported new rules based on Sec. 706 authority, was strongly opposed to reclassifying the rules under Title II, and again reiterated its support for the FCC's tentative conclusion that peering was beyond the scope of the current rulemaking.

"Comcast is committed to maintaining an open Internet and we support the FCC adopting new, strong Open Internet rules under section 706 of the Telecommunications Act," blogged Comcast executive VP David Cohen. "Comcast doesn’t prioritize Internet traffic or have paid fast lanes, and we have no plans to do so.  We believe legally enforceable rules should continue to include strong transparency, no blocking, and anti-discrimination provisions."

As for Title II, the proposal to reclassify Internet access under some common carrier regs? “Importantly, we do not support reclassification of broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II,” Cohen said. “While some parties mistakenly conflate their advocacy for 'net neutrality' with Title II, our position on reclassification is not at all inconsistent with our support of strong open Internet rules.  Rather, we oppose reclassification because it would harm future innovation and investment in broadband and because reclassification is not necessary to put in place strong and enforceable Open Internet protections.”

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