Comcast Launches FX+

Commercial-free, premium add-on sells for $5.99 per month
fx+ on X1.jpg

Comcast confirmed that it has moved forward with the national launch of FX+, a new commercial-free, add-on premium offering that sells for $5.99 per month.

Comcast and FX Networks announced FX+ about a month ago. At the time, they said FX+ would launch on Sept. 5.

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FX+ started to appear on the X1 platform over the weekend in a “Manage Channels” section that highlights premium add-ons such as HBO, Showtime, Starz and other subscription-based services that include KidStream, Dog TV, History Vault, Lifetime Movie Club ($3.99), and AMC Premiere, a recently-launched, commercial-free option that costs $4.99 per month.

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Comcast is also marketing FX+ on this web page, where customers can add the service, along with other subscription packages, to their carts.

FX+, an add-on that’s available to Comcast’s video subscribers, offers ad-free versions of current seasons of every FX and FXX original series and every season of several current and catalog library titles of FX originals. Further out, FX+ will offer select series in 4K and offer “temporary downloads of current season episodes.” When FX+ was announced, Comcast and FX Networks estimated that the new service will offer more than 1,100 episodes, noting that the offering includes complete in-season stacking rights to those originals.

“We think of ourselves as the aggregator of aggregators,” Matt Strauss, recently promoted to executive vice president, Xfinity Services at Comcast Cable, told Multichannel News in a recent interview (subscription required) about the MSO’s strategy behind the new commercial-free options. We want to have all of the choices and the best choices available in one place. In many ways, that is why we put Netflix on X1 and we’re putting YouTube on X1 later this year.”

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“There is a segment of viewers who would be willing to pay an incremental fee for a more premium experience,” Strauss added. “They do that today with premium channels. They do that today with [subscription video-on-demand] service. Commercial-free is one piece of it.”