Comcast Makes $10 Basic Play


Comcast Corp. is rolling out an offer nationwide that will offer broadcast-only homes a basic cable package for $10, a move that is the latest phase in its digital transition education process.

The special pricing is part of the operator's "Get Ready" initiative and Comcast will honor the $10 price point for one year. Consumers who already subscribe to cable, but want to convert other, broadcast-only sets in the home to digital service, can get the digital-basic package free of charge.

The same package of channels, including local broadcasters and public, education and government channels, can be had without charge if a consumer signs up for another new Comcast service such as high-speed data or cable telephony. The basic package will range from 20 to 30 channels, depending on the off-air options community by community

The operator has been working with state and local groups for more than a year to inform people about the move to digital television, including offering an area on its Web site where individual consumers can list the equipment they have in their home and determine the options available to them, including cable or satellite subscription.