Comcast Modem Subs Gain Stronger Firewall


Comcast Corp. high-speed cable-modem users will be able to put up a thicker
firewall against hackers thanks to a deal the MSO cut with Network Associates

Under the deal, NA will provide Comcast cable-modem customers with its
"McAfee Personal Firewall" online service at no additional cost for one

The suite includes "McAfee SecurityCenter" information alerts of security
threats, a set of security tools and other services including anti-virus and
anti-spam software.

"In offering the McAfee Personal Firewall to our customers, we feel confident
that we're using the most advanced technology in computer protection available
in the market today. With this solution, our customers only need to click a
button and the service is installed," Comcast vice president of marketing and
business development Greg Butz said.

"Comcast is committed to providing customers with the tools and services that
will help them to make the most of their Comcast high-speed Internet service,"
he added.