Comcast, NBCU to Merge Net Affiliate Units in New Jersey

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Comcast and NBC Universal programmingnetwork
distribution teams are combining in NBCU’s
Englewood Cliff s, N.J., base, phasing jobs out of
Comcast Center in Philadelphia, people familiar
with the move told MultichannelNews last week.

The move to New Jersey is being timed for after Labor
Day, with Comcast employees in Philadelphia
deciding whether to try for a job with NBCU in New
Jersey or take a buyout, informed people said.

An estimated 40 to 50 network-distribution jobs
are involved on each of the Comcast networks and
NBCU networks sides.

It is expected NBCU in Englewood Cliff s will absorb
at least some of the Comcast networks’ staff s,
but the eventual unit will be smaller than the combined
ones now are.

One name sources have said is departing is Brad Fox,
executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing
at the Comcast networks. He was told Monday his
job was being eliminated, two people with direct knowledge
said. One of those people said the decision might
be reversed, though. Fox has been with Comcast for
more than 20 years. Fox declined to comment on Friday.

Bridget Baker, TV Networks Distribution president
for NBCU, will stay in Burbank, Calif., with a “lean”
team, a source close to NBCU said. Sales and marketing
now comes under NBCU executive vice president
for content distribution Matt Bond, the former
Comcast executive, in New York.

Comcast and NBCU representatives declined to