Comcast Not a Cable Buyer for Now


Newport, R.I. -- A senior Comcast Corp. official has ruled out further
cable-system acquisitions while the company continues to absorb the 13 million
subscribers from last year's $60 billion merger with AT&T Broadband.

"We are still in the digestive mode," said executive vice president David
Cohen, a panelist Thursday at the New England Cable & Telecommunications
Association convention here.

Cohen's response was prompted by a question from CNBC journalist and panel
moderator Ron Insana, who asked whether Comcast was interested in buying
scandal-plagued Adelphia Communication Corp. Adelphia president and CEO William
Schleyer shared the stage with Cohen.

"We are very comfortable with where we are sitting right now," Cohen

For his part, Schleyer said his review of bankrupt Adelphia's financial
statements is likely to produce "$300 million per year in what I think will be
ultimately judged as fraudulent accounting."