Comcast Opens TV Everywhere App To All Cellular Networks

‘Xfinity TV Go App’ Supports Both WiFi & Cell Connections (Updated)
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Comcast’s TV Everywhere app is opening up beyond WiFi and access through Verizon Wireless's mobile network.

Xfinity TV Go, an authenticated app that provides access to dozens of live TV feeds and a large library of on-demand content, now lets users stream and download video over any U.S. cellular data network. Along with other bug fixes and performance improvements, Comcast added cellular support to both its Xfinity TV Go app for qualified iOS devices as well as for Android gear (via Google Play) on August 25.

Update: Comcast customers who were also Verizon Wireless subscribers had previously been able to stream and download video from the Xfinity TV Go app via Verizon Wireless's network, but that exclusive element between the MSO and the mobile carrier has since expired, so Comcast is now enabling access to the app via all U.S. cellular networks, Comcast confirmed.

The expansion has the potential to boost availability and usage of the app, though consumers who stream and download over cell networks will need to be wary of usage caps and data charges.

Comcast is also alerting app users when they open up an updated version of the app. In the case of Xfinity TV Go for the iPad, users get the message: “Great News! Now you can stream and download over WiFi or your cellular data network. (Data charges may apply)”

While accessing the app via cellular connections is now allowed, current content rights still prevent users from streaming or downloading video via the Xfinity TV Go app when they are travelling outside the United States.