Comcast Provides N.J. Rooms With Views


Comcast has launched AnyRoom On Demand in New Jersey, where it is available to all digital-cable customers with Motorola digital set-tops, officials said Thursday.

AnyRoom allows customers to select Channel 1 On Demand programs on one TV set and view them on any other TV in the home that has a digital-cable box.  Digital-cable customers with On Demand don’t need to make any changes or add equipment to take advantage of the AnyRoom feature, and it is completely free of charge.

New Jersey residents with Scientific Atlanta digital boxes will receive the new service later this year.  The rollout of AnyRoom in other Comcast markets is expected to occur throughout 2008.

With AnyRoom, the “Saved Programs” list is shared among all digital-cable boxes within a household registered to the same account, allowing On Demand movies or shows to be ordered in one room and then viewed in another.  It also allows customers to watch the same program from two or more different digital boxes simultaneously.

To continue watching or to restart a program in another room, customers can simply go to the “Saved Programs” folder on their On Demand main menu (found on the second page of the main menu in the Motorola guides) and select the desired program, which will resume where it left off.

All On Demand programs more than 19 minutes in length are included in the AnyRoom feature. Any free, premium channel or paid programs can be watched during the “rental window” of the program on any TV in the home that has a digital cable box.

Comcast’s On Demand library offers access to more than 10,000 titles every month and is continually growing; last month Comcast announced it surpassed its 7 billionth On Demand view and 1 billion hours watched since 2003. Comcast customers will have access to more than 1,000 HD choices in 2008, and beginning next year, the nation's largest cable operartor plans to offer more than 6,000 movies a month On Demand, with more than 3,000 in HD.