Comcast, Qwest Settle Broadband-Ad Dispute


Comcast and Qwest Communications International put down their gloves and will refrain from throwing any more punches this week as Qwest finally dropped its Comcast-degrading ads to the mat.

Thinking that Qwest was causing "irreparable harm and damage to Comcast, as well as to consumers,” Comcast filed a false-advertising lawsuit against the regional Qwest operator June 4.

The dueling broadband operators settled on a legal agreement that has Qwest dropping its ads that claim that 72% of Internet users think Qwest’s broadband service is faster than or as fast as Comcast’s, and Comcast will drop its lawsuit against the Denver-based company.

A part of the agreement states that Qwest will not sue Philadelphia-based Comcast in regards to its “Slowskys” turtle advertising campaign, which refers to the slowness of digital-subscriber-line service.