Comcast Replies to NBCU Comments

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As the flood of comments regarding its proposed joint venture with NBC Universal came to a close, Comcast issued its reply late Thursday, adding that despite some opposition, the combination serves the public interest.
Today was the final day for companies to file formal pleas with the Federal Communications Commission regarding the joint venture. The American Cable Association and DirecTV each filed comments under the deadline today, proposing conditions on the transaction.
But despite some opposition, Comcast said that the "myriad public interest benefits including concrete, verifiable public interest commitments - outweigh any potential transaction-specific harms."
In an 88-page document, Comcast refuted each of the criticisms of the JV - ranging from higher prices for broadcast channels to restricted program access.
In a blog posting on Comcast Voices, Comcast executive vice president David Cohen noted that counter to the criticism of the deal, more that 1,000 comments supportive of the venture have been filed.
"The benefits of this joint venture are real," Cohen wrote. "It will bring about a reinvigoration of broadcasting through and infusion of new capital and energy into NBC. We've committed to additional local broadcast content. We've committed to launch new independent channels, including channels with majority ownership by African Americans and Hispanics. We've committed to accelerate the creation of the "anytime, anywhere" future with a wide array of high-quality content. We want to bring these benefits to American consumers as soon as possible."