Comcast’s Real Estate On-Demand Flourishes


Nearly 100,000 Chicago-area digital cable customers are flocking to Comcast’s Real Estate On-Demand channel each month to tour new housing developments and resale home listings using their remote controls, and the viewing numbers are growing.

According to a study by Hyperion/Everstream, Comcast’s Real Estate On-Demand viewership skyrocketed 59.3% to 102,118 views in June of 2008 from 60,590 views in the same month a year ago. Average monthly viewing rose 68.3% to 85,146 views per month in the second quarter of 2008, compared with 58,170 views per month in the second quarter of 2007.

Real Estate On Demand was launched in 2007. Real estate brokers, as well as individuals, can create video ads for less than the cost of an average three-line newspaper ad, according to Comcast Spotlight. The company has also created a bundled package that incorporates the Web, which adds to the service’s attractiveness, the company said.