Comcast Says It Has Resubmitted Data to FCC

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Washington -- Comcast said Wednesday it has complied with
the Federal Communications Commission's request that it resubmit documents and
data related to its businesses.

According to a copy of the cover letter accompanying at
least six boxes of documents being hand-delivered to the FCC, Comcast and the
commission agreed to modify some of the agency's request for information,
including limited redactions and the FCC's agreement that Comcast won't have to
produce "all written material necessary to understand any document responsive
to these requests," unless the FCC determines they are necessary, in which
Comcast has agreed to try to produce them "if possible."

Comcast also redesignated some confidential documents as

The FCC had said June 24 that it would stop reviewing the deal,
which would create an NBC Universal joint venture that Comcast would control,
until both Comcast and NBCU had fully complied with its data request.

According to Comcast, its Wednesday submission was the
product of talks with the FCC, so the commission should be restarting its
informal 180-day shot clock anytime now. It stopped the clock June 11.

"Once we get the information from both parties, the
clock starts again," said Media Bureau spokesperson Janice Wise. She had
no comment on whether the FCC had received the information from either side.

Comcast is filing today, while NBC has not yet resubmitted its data, said a Comcast spokesperson, adding that it is expected to do so within the next few days.