Comcast Settles Ga. Franchise Dispute


DeKalb County, Ga., one of the few jurisdictions that refused to transfer the
franchise for its local systems from AT&T Broadband to Comcast Corp.,
finally accepted the new owner, but only after settling a lawsuit against the

According to the county, Comcast agreed to service improvements in order to
retire the suit, filed in DeKalb County Superior Court, and to earn the transfer
approval for two systems in the county that serve 100,000 homes.

The county sued AT&T Broadband last May, alleging that service was so bad
that consumers couldn't even reach the operator on the phone. The company also
missed its upgrade schedule and failed to build out a required institutional

Comcast will open a customer-service center in the county, connect county
buildings, hook up schools with high-speed-data connections and pay an
undisclosed amount to fund grants, according to the county attorney's