Comcast SportsNet Has The Answer: Will Stream Iverson's NBA Return On The Web

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Tonight's return of Allen Iverson to the Philadelphia 76ers will serve as the launching pad for Comcast SportsNet's local 76ers live game, Web streaming service.
The regional sports network will stream this evening's 76'ers-Denver Nuggets National Basketball Association game - which marks the veteran point guard's debut with the team after being signed as a free agent last week -- to Comcast subscribers via its Web site as part of a multi-tier Web subscription package, according to network spokesman Tim Fitzpatrick.

Comcast subscribers within the Philadelphia DMA can purchase a season package of live streamed 76ers games for $76 or a monthly package for $17.76, according to Fitzpatrick. Subscribers purchasing either package will also receive two lower-level tickets to a 76'ers game of their choice.
Subscribers to the 76ers Web packages can only view the games within the team's television territory.
Comcast SportNet Philadelphia is the first network to stream local NBA games over the Web. Last year, the NBA granted regional sports networks the ability to stream local telecasts, with regional sports networks having to ante up $3,000 per game.
Fitzpatrick said the games will feature DVR capabilities, but subscribers will not be able to watch replays of games over the Web. Comcast will also provide social media applications on such sites as Twitter and Facebook for subscribers to utilize during the games.
Currently only Comcast subscribers will have access to the live streamed games, but Fitzpatrick said that the network is working with other service providers within the 76ers television footprint to secure distribution deals.