Comcast Spotlight Expands Use of OpenTV Ad Tool


Comcast Spotlight, the cable operator’s ad-sales arm, will use OpenTV’s EclipsePlus advertising-campaign management solution in Philadelphia and Seattle after initially deploying it in Baltimore this summer.

The EclipsePlus sales and inventory management software features an automated scheduling system and support for real-time data exchange.

In Baltimore, Comcast this month plans to kick off a six-month addressable-advertising trial, in which it will deliver ads targeted based on viewer demographics in local avails on eight cable networks.

“We are very pleased to bring our technology to Comcast Spotlight’s leading markets and provide them with what is a very strong product,” said OpenTV senior vice president of advanced advertising Paul Woidke, in a statement.

Woidke, previously Comcast Spotlight’s senior vice president of technology, joined OpenTV in April.