Comcast Spotlight Pushes to Make ‘Impression'


Comcast Spotlight, Comcast's advertising sales division, is reinvigorating its sales and marketing efforts by integrating those teams and creating a new tagline "Make a Big Impression."

The realignment and new marketing push is a key component of the company's focus on creating end-to-end digital marketing solutions for national, regional and local advertisers, said Kellie Grutko, vice president of marketing.

"We wanted a fresh approach with our advertising," she said. "We have a full platform of products and we weren't really sure people fully realized that. We thought it would be a good idea to show what we can offer our customers."

Grutko, who will report to Spotlight senior vice president and general manager Hank Oster, will be responsible for determining the company's strategic marketing, branding promotions, communications and corporate creative services operations strategies. She will also work closely with each of Spotlight's four operating divisions to create more cohesion between the company's corporate and field sales teams.

"Bringing together our sales and marketing functions helps us better communicate and inform our audiences -- clients, programming partners and employees -- about all that we offer and can do for them," Oster said in a statement. "Now more than ever, marketers are looking for greater effectiveness and efficiency -- a one-stop ‘media without borders' experience -- and that's what we're delivering."

Spotlight began providing its markets with new branding elements in March and a full rollout of the new tagline should be in place by mid-April, Grutko said. A national campaign was scheduled to launch mid-April. "We knew our messaging had to be different," she said. "A new tagline and marketing marketing materials invigorates all the markets with the same common message, which is that we're taking a ‘media without borders' approach to our sales efforts. We can find the right solution to all our clients' problems and issues."

Spotlight's national footprint and digital platforms allow the company to work with every client to develop individual marketing plans that help them "reach, engage and connect with their customers," she said. "Nobody else can match our scale with the flexibility and customizable, customer-centered array of on-air, online and on-demand options."

Spotlight began looking at this new integration and tagline last summer, Grutko said. "We hadn't had a tagline in some time and we wanted a message of our own. We coordinated with the cable operating side of the company to be in unison and yet different at the same time, depending on the audience. We collected branding elements at every level of the company and created a partnership between our folks at corporate and those in the field to fully implant the new strategy and tagline. Our philosophy and the message we want to reaffirm is that we are here to develop solutions to meet our clients' goals and needs. We're here to partner with them to achieve those goals."