Comcast Strikes Back Over Modesto Fine


Comcast Corp. reacted to a recent $1 million fine from Modesto, Calif., by suing to block the city's action in federal court..

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California in Fresno by the local business division, Comcast of California XII Inc., against the city and its council last week.

The central California city and the operator will continue negotiations to resolve issues related to cable drops that the city asserts are improperly grounded, according to a company spokesman. The suit was filed to reserve the company's rights in the event talks are unsuccessful, said spokeswoman Susan Gonzales.

Modesto fined the company for failure to remedy the grounding issues by a spring deadline. The fines will continue to accrue and escalate until the company can repair them; local executives said that should take 18 months. Company officials believe the fines are unreasonable.

The suit seeks injunctive relief from the city's order. The suit, filed June 30, has been assigned to a judge and is currently slated for November.