Comcast Sued Over Subscriber Information


A Comcast Corp. subscriber in Washington state is suing the MSO for disclosing her name and contact information, Reuters reported Thursday.

Dawnell Leadbetter filed a lawsuit in King County claiming that she was contacted by a debt-collection agency in January and told to pay $4,500 for downloading copyright-protected music or she would face a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to Reuters.

The agency, Settlement Support Center LLC, used information that the Recording Industry of Association of America obtained in a Philadelphia lawsuit over the illegal sharing of digital-music files, Lory Lybeck, Leadbetter’s lawyer, told Reuters.

Lybeck added that Comcast was never authorized by a court to release subscriber information, nor did the operator notify Leadbetter that her information had been given to an outside party.

"Comcast should respect the rights of privacy who pay them monthly bills," Lybeck told Reuters.

Leadbetter, a Comcast high-speed-data subscriber, has two teen-age children.