Comcast Super Bowl Spot to Showcase X1

Highlights Voice Remote, Recommendations Engine, Sports App
X1 super bowl ad3.jpg

X1, a major contributor to Comcast’s improved video results, will be showcased during Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos via a 60-second spot that will run on CBS in dozens of the MSO’s local markets.

The spot, produced by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, will highlight several X1 features, including Comcast’s new voice remote, its cloud-powered search and recommendations engine, and its recently-introduced on-screen Sports App.

Making appearances in the spot are Ryan Reed, a NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, and Oakland A’s pitcher Sonny Gray.

Comcast didn’t buy a national sponsorship on CBS for the Super Bowl, but the new spot will appear locally during the game on CBS affiliates in more than 30 markets across the country, including big Comcast markets such as Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Sacramento, and Seattle.

“We can hit all of our markets with a local buy through our local CBS affiliates,” Todd Arata, vice president of brand marketing at Comcast, said. “The Super Bowl has continued to be proven destination where America comes together and watches.”

The general theme is to illustrate how the smarts built into X1 provide “more” TV and video options across a wide range of genres. “Less isn’t more. Less is dull. But more…more is amazing,” a voice says during the spot’s open.  “When it comes to the things you love, you want more of it.’

That’s mixed with a concept that imagines what would happen “if your TV literally came to life,” Arata said of the new spots (Comcast has also created a 30-second version).

“It’s really an X1 showcase,” Arata said. “We’re finally bringing TV to a whole new level, allowing people to get into the shows that they love.”

And the spot is appearing as Comcast continues to accelerate the rollout of X1 and restoke the MSO’s video growth engine. About 30% of Comcast's video subscriber base on X1, a number that's expected to rise to about 50% by the end of 2016.

Here’s a preview of the new X1 spot that will run during the big game in the aforementioned Comcast markets: